Company Description

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Sylhet, Bangladesh, RAF Holding Ltd. has emerged as a dynamic and diversified conglomerate, making significant strides across various industries, including real estate, hospitality, healthcare, education, and technology. The company’s strategic investment approach is underpinned by a commitment to identifying and nurturing enterprises with substantial growth potential. Boasting a seasoned management team, RAF Holding Ltd. has become a noteworthy player in the Bangladeshi market, recognized for its ability to deliver sustainable returns and create value for its stakeholders. The company’s multifaceted portfolio reflects a strategic vision that aligns with the evolving landscape of diverse sectors.

As an investment and holding company, RAF Holding Ltd. has not only cultivated a reputation for excellence but has also ingrained a commitment to philanthropy within its corporate ethos. Beyond its business pursuits, the company actively engages in initiatives that contribute positively to the community, further solidifying its standing as a socially responsible entity.

In essence, RAF Holding Ltd. stands as a testament to effective leadership, strategic acumen, and a dedication to both financial success and societal impact.

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